It's Time to Relax

Retired couple walking on a beach

After 8 years of working tirelessly on a business she bootstrapped from nothing into a tremendous success, our client decided she was ready to sell her business and move on. We were able to help bring a team of experts together to find an attractive valuation that was structured in a way to minimize taxes and maximize the amount she was able to put in her family’s pockets. We had already created a financial plan well before the sale so that we felt confident the proceeds of the sale were more than sufficient to meet her monthly financial needs.

As a result of selling the business, she and her husband were left with a rare but enviable problem: At roughly forty years old, with no children, no debt, and no need for additional income, how did they want to live their lives moving forward?

Like many couples with demanding jobs, they had spent fifty-plus hours a week for two decades dedicated to their businesses and now they were suddenly free to spend their time as they chose. After several meaningful discussions, we determined they enjoyed traveling and more specifically spending time in Spain. It also became apparent that they wanted to live in Spain for more than 4 months of the year; however, given their citizenship in the U.S., they could only spend 90 days there per calendar year. After another consultation, we determined the best path forward was to help them gain citizenship in another EU block country so they could have dual citizenship and not be constrained by the 90-day rule. Moreover, we worked with an international agency to ensure they chose the best country to gain access to the EU at the lowest cost and with the fastest application process. As a result of our due diligence, they now have the freedom to travel as they see fit which was always a dream of theirs.