Jeff Cheek

Jeff Cheek


Before my 3rd birthday, I lost my father to lung cancer, leaving my mother to raise me by herself. As a result of this loss, and in an effort to ensure that I would be prepared should anything happen to her, my mother took an active role in educating me regarding all family finances from an early age.  As I began to learn more about the intricacies of our personal finances as well as the complexities involved within the broader investable markets, I increasingly fell in love with the idea of using my education to help others.

In order to formalize my education, I attended the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, receiving my B.B.A. and Master of Accounting. After graduation, I began working for a multinational public accounting firm in Detroit and then transitioned to a privately-held RIA based in Southfield, performing asset allocation and due diligence for the firm’s fixed income and broader investment portfolio.  

In February 2017, I was afforded the opportunity to join Charlie at Palatine Hill Wealth Management, realizing a life-long dream to help families plan for their financial futures. In my current role serving as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer, I develop and communicate the firm’s economic outlook and investment insights, implement the overall portfolio allocation within client accounts, and perform ongoing due diligence for all the firm’s investments.  

When I am not in the office, I enjoy coffee dates with my wife, Karah, and wrestling on the living room floor with our two children, Benjamin and Josephine. In my personal time, I enjoy reading books such as The Alchemist or The Most Important Thing, watching collegiate athletics and my alma mater, and golfing with friends and family.