Mother and daughter on a boat looking into the distance

Welcome to the Family

In 2017, we onboarded a family who was one of the world’s largest franchise owners of a publicly-traded company. In addition to his franchise holdings, he was one of the top prominent venture capitalists and private equity investors in the state of Michigan. After spending a decade at one of the Big 4 financial institutions, he was finding that being one of the thousands and just another number was not meeting the new complexities of the liquidity event that came from selling his franchise holdings.

He was drawn to Palatine Hill for our family office approach, personalized attention, and unique approach to his complex needs that he was not receiving at his large advisor.

Through our in-depth onboarding process, we uncovered that the current structure of his portfolio was not only failing to achieve the client’s investment goals but more importantly his life goals for his new phase of life. We put together a unique and customized strategy to meet his financial and life goals but also worked closely in partnership with his family attorney and CPA and our insurance company, Aventine Hill, to create sophisticated charitable giving strategies, generate the income needed annually to maintain the family’s quality of life and help the client negotiate complex purchases like boats, aircrafts and investment real estate.

We continuously monitor and communicate with the family, CPA, and attorney to ensure that their estate, tax, and investment plans are all working in conjunction to meet the fluidity of the client’s financial landscape and achieve their life goals.

Our clients are family to us, and we put their financial health and well-being above anything else.