Life is a series of decisions. Many times we are fixated on our next decision, our next move. However, sometimes it isn’t the next move that has the most impact. It’s the one after that or maybe even two moves down the road. At Palatine Hill we look beyond your next decision, your next move and help you focus on several nexts down the road. We believe your wealth is built by protecting and growing your investments today while anticipating the decisions of tomorrow.


Integrated Financial Planning

In addition to monitoring all internal investments, we also work with advisors to analyze and coordinate all elements of a client’s financial life. This may include monitoring the investment performance of outside advisors for different branches in a multi-generational family office or incorporating assets held and managed by different managers into an overall asset allocation.

Family Offices

Everything from financial and estate planning to assistance with insurance, taxes, real-estate holdings, credit issues, and philanthropy. We have the ability to provide concierge-like services for some clients.

Investment Advisory Services

Includes documenting each client’s goals in a written Investment Policy Statement, designing strategies and calculated asset allocation policies, recommending the appropriate managers and investment instruments, monitoring performance, conducting ongoing due diligence, reporting on results, and providing necessary changes when needed.


As advisors, we present suggestions and help guide the decision-making process for investment portfolios. We carry out our advice with full investment discretion and authority with an eye toward flexibility and timeliness.

Aventine Hill

Aventine Hill, as the insurance arm of our asset management firm, Palatine Hill, provides holistic risk management and consultation services surrounding the various aspects of personal and professional lives.